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Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensors

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) can help you manage your diabetes by providing sensor glucose readings every 5 minutes to your compatible Medtronic insulin pump with no finger pricks*.

A sensor augmented insulin pump (SAP) that is CGM enabled allows you to see and track your glucose levels. The sensor reads your glucose values 288 times every day (that's every 5 minutes!) providing you and your pump up to date information on where your glucose levels are, and where they are heading. This data can also be used by the pump to alert you to a high or low and make adjustments to your insulin delivery, at Medtronic we call this SmartGuard™ technology.

Guardian™ 4 Sensor is compatible with the Guardian™ 4 System transmitter. Guardian™ Sensor 3 is compatible with the Guardian™ Link 3 transmitter. For more information on using CGM, device compatibility, and information on self funding your own CGM, please visit or speak to your healthcare professional as further training will be required.

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