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Our MiniMed™ reservoirs come in 2 sizes for you to choose from based on your insulin needs. They are uniquely designed with a specific MiniMed™ connection, for a more secure insulin delivery. It is recommended to change your reservoir every 2 to 3 days. If your Total Daily Dose of Insulin (Basal insulin plus typical meal time Bolus insulin) is less than 48 units you may want to consider using the 1.8ml MiniMed™ Reservoir (MMT-326A) instead of 3ml MiniMed™ Reservoir (MMT-332A). The 1.8ml Reservoir is suitable for all sizes and types of MiniMed™ Insulin pump systems.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Medtronic is currently facing supply constraints on MiniMed™ Reservoirs (MMT-332A and MMT-326A) which may result in a delay to your shipment. As we work to clear pending orders please note the following. We may split your order to ensure at least one box of reservoirs is provided as quickly as possible, with the remaining reservoirs to follow at a later date. This is necessary to ensure we meet the needs of all patients during this temporary period. Further information is available at

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