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Starter Kit

The Smart MDI System brings together an ecosystem of smart tools that provide real-time insights and comprehensive reports to make it easier to manage life on MDI. Smart MDI Starter Kit includes Guardian™ 4 System and InPen™ System in one kit: CGM Transmitter, Charger, Tester/Cleaning plugs, battery, One-press Serter and 5 x Guardian™ 4 sensors with InPen™ System.

The Guardian™ 4 system is a real-time, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system indicated for the management of diabetes in persons aged 7 years and older.
The InPen™ system is intended for single-patient use by people with diabetes for the self-injection of a desired dose of insulin. For patients who do not self-manage their diabetes, the use of InPen™ should always be under the supervision of a caregiver.
The Guardian™ 4 sensor is intended for use with the Guardian™ 4 transmitter to monitor glucose levels in persons with diabetes.

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